Woman Enters The Arena. Once She Removes Her Cape, Everyone Was Left Spellbound

If it wasn’t the opening notes to the newly iconic Disney song, it was the costume unveil that let this Kentucky Horse Park crowd know that they were in for a special Frozen performance. 23-year-old Laura Sumrall expertly combined theatrics with superb skill in a routine that not only won her the World Freestyle Reining championship title, it won over the Internet as well.laura surmall frozen performanceLaura Sumrall had audiences captivated as soon as she entered the Lexington arena in an event known as reining. The purpose of this specific section is to showcase the athleticism of ranch horses to the judges. Sumrall and her horse, Wimpys Top Model, added a dash of magic to their performance by paying tribute to the wildly popular Disney film, Frozen.

Sumrall removed her cape to reveal a dazzling Elsa costume as the film’s hit song “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel filled the arena. The soundtrack prompted the routine which showcased the horse’s incredible ability to negotiate a series of controlled tricks before the judges and audience.

The crowd erupted in applause after Sumrall’s final trick and even the announcer stating that the performance gave her chills. The judges expressed the same level of approval after giving her an outstanding score that put her well ahead of her competition. While Sumrall may have anticipated some praise for her hard work, she could have never expected the universal acclaim she’d eventually receive.
laura sumrall frozen performance

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