Tasty Bakllava with Straw and Grizzly


The first version comes from Tunisia, though anywhere – it’s fantastic!




– 400 – 500 g crust of money for baklava,
– scrubbing oil,
– 4 eggs,
– 8 tablespoons of sugar,
– 8 tablespoons of crust,
– 125 g of butter,
– 100 ml of milk,
– 200 g of minced rice,
– 3 cups of sugar,
-3 cups of water
– lemon juice.


Sprinkle eggs and sugar, add greens, butter and milk. Finally mix the peeled rice.

Paint the first crust in the painted baking pan, lubricate with oil and over the other. Also blot this off and shoot a thin thread of thread.

Continue with the order until you spend all the material. Finally you also oily.

With sharp knife, hold baklable in squares or triangles and bake at 200 degrees Celsius until it is golden.

Sprinkle the sherbet with sugar, water and lemon juice.

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