She Let Her Husband Pick Out Her Outfits For A Week

If you ask your husband to look in the closet and pick your outfit, what do you think he will choose? A long red dress? A pair of jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt? Or maybe a bikini?

Bright Side invites you to look at the results of an interesting experiment where Colin had to create looks for his wife, Caitlyn, for a whole week.

A woman recently let her husband pick her outfits out for a week. She did what? Yep! You heard that right! She let her husband pick her outfits out for a week. What a brave, brave woman. Actually what a SMART woman. Have you ever wondered what outfits your husband would choose for you if you let him pick something out of your closet?

Maybe he’d pick a pair of jeans with sneakers and a t-shirt? Or maybe he would make you wear the baggiest sweatpants you own with a loose sweater? Well, check out the results of an interesting experiment where Colin had to pick his wife’s outfits out for a week. A whole week.

According to Brightside, wife Caitlyn has a large wardrobe that’s stuffed with a ton of things, some of which she’s never worn. But regardless of how many clothes she has, she still seems to have nothing to wear…most, if not all, women can relate. She then let her husband pick her outfits out for a week. His choices really surprised her.

Monday was day one of letting her husband pick her outfits out. Caitlyn noted that she was worried when she saw her husband exploring her closet. She had a meeting that day for work and definitely had to look the part.

she let husband pick outfits

She was going to call off the entire experiment, but she could tell that her husband was pretty excited picking out her outfit. The outfit he chose wouldn’t be her first pick, but she received a ton of compliments that day and Caitlyn noted that she would wear the outfit again.

Tuesday came rolling in, and she continued letting her husband pick her outfits for the week. Caitlyn began noticing that her husband is a fan of bright colors, which she had no idea about before. Her hubby noted that the weather called for a sunny day, so he wanted her to look like a real sun.

she lets husband pick her outfits

Colin paired the outfit with a house purse that Caitlyn stopped wearing because she thought it made her look like a child. But as it turns out her husband loves the bag. She now uses it all the time and it’s become her favorite accessory.

Today Colin and I have an anniversary, and we decided to celebrate it with a romantic dinner. Since we cannot go to a restaurant with two agile children, we decided to arrange a romantic evening at home. We did it before, and I never thought about what to wear. After all, we’re at home, so why dress up? Yet, as it turned out, my husband thinks otherwise. He chose for me a rather skimpy black dress. And this evening I felt like we were on our first date.

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