Playboy Playmates Recreate Their Magazine Covers 30 Years Later, Prove Age Is Just A Number

Although the topic of female empowerment is controversial when Playboy is thrown into the mix, these series of photographs by Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry prove the two can coincide.

Former Playmates collaborated with Playboy to recreate their iconic covers, and whatever you might think about Playboy itself, you can probably appreciate these images of body-positive, sex-positive and age-positive women.

Along with shooting the new portraits, the women reminisced on their time as Playboy bunnies, shared some of their fondest memories and revealed how they ended up getting the gig that would change their lives.

Kimberly Conrad Hefner, January Playmate 1988, Playmate of the Year 189 – Hefner told Playboy, “I moved to Los Angeles and – boom – there it was. Hef and I started dating, got married, had kids, and the rest is history.”

1 pb
Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry

Charlotte Kemp, December Playmate 1982 – Kemp called her experience as a Playmate an “absolute whirlwind.” Kemp told Playboy, “I had a Playmate running team. We’d run marathons, all around the country, raising money for charities.”


2 pbBen Miller and Ryan Lowry

3. Cathy St. George, August Playmate 1982 – “I had already been married and worked as the executive for a company. When I came to L.A., I wasn’t planning on being a model,” St. George told Playboy. “It was a totally new life.”

3 pbBen Miller and Ryan Lowry

4. Monique St. Pierre, November Playmate 1978, Playmate of the Year 1979 – St. Pierre told Playboy she loved her experience. “Hef said, ‘Believe me, you pay your rent because you make all the girls feel comfortable when they come to the house.’” St. Pierre now runs a recovery house for women addicted to alcohol and drugs.