No Family Turn Up To Inquest Of Seven-Year-Old Boy Who ‘Froze To Death In Cold Weather’—After His Mother, 35, And 56-year-Old Great-Uncle Were Arrested For Neglect

No family turned up to the inquest of a seven-year-old boy whose body was ‘frozen to death’ after being left outside a house in Birmingham.  

Hakeem Hussain died from cardiac arrest after he was left in the cold outside the Birmingham property.

His mother Laura Heath, 35, and her uncle, Timothy Busk, 56, have been arrested on suspicion of wilfully ill-treating a child.  Both have been bailed while police continue to investigate.                                                                                        An inquest into his death started today at Birmingham Coroner’s Court but no one from his family attended.

 Knowing where your children are at all times is the number one priority, especially during an extremely cold day. But sometimes tragic incidents occur that cannot be explained.

With that said, I regret to inform you that a seven-year-old boy froze to death in Birmingham. Continue reading for more details.

 A seven-year-old boy who froze to death went by the name of Hakeem Hussain. Speculation is that he froze to death after being left outside a house.
seven-year-old boy froze to death
seven-year-old boy froze to death

Heath and Busk have been bailed out of jail while police continue with the investigation. What’s even more disturbing is a seven-year-old boy froze to death and no family went to his inquest at the Birmingham Coroner’s Court.

seven-year-old boy froze to death

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as he delivered his lines with poignancy, grace and humour.

‘The twinkle in his beautiful eyes was as bright as the stars in the sky, and our love for him will shine out forever, from all of his Nechells family.’

She added: ‘All of this week children and staff have been remembering what a great friend Hakeem was to them, and we are putting together a book of our happy memories culminating in a whole academy assembly to celebrate his many gifts and talents.

‘Hakeem will be sorely missed by us all.’

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