Judges Were Puzzled By Girls’ Strange Bodysuits Until The Music Comes On And They Are Amazed

bend 1
The group walked onto the stage and appeared a bit flustered at first as they were answering the judges’ questions. However, if they were nervous at all, it absolutely did not show in their stunning performance. The group of four introduced themselves as Angara Contortion and described their trip from Russia.

The looked very peculiar – the judges all sported bewildering faces as they filed onto the stage. All four group members were dressed in skin-tight blue bodysuits. They wore makeup that accentuated the arch of their brows as well as their bone structure.

Once they finished introducing themselves and answering the judges’ questions, they arranged themselves to begin their act. It was an unforgettable spectacle. The contortionists managed to bend their bodies in ways that seem unimaginable. Their movement was so fluid that they made the impossible positions look easy.

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