Interesting House Manufactured from Containers to Which Currently All Speaks (Photo)

As the first sights show, the Joshua Tree Residence in California, designed by James Whitaker’s London Architectural Studio, is singled out, first of all, with its construction.

Indeed, the house consists of containers used for transport, painted in white, which under different angles branch out so as to recall the flowering flower.

The house is the message of an American editor and will have: kitchen, dayroom and three bedrooms, provided any space looks toward a part of the desert in the California environment, the Telegraph reports.

Although the idea of living in the container makes it a little refusing, this project is found in the skilful hands of architects and designers, it looks attractive.

The interior of the Joshua Tree Residences is as attractive as the exterior and is quite minimalist, with several pieces of furniture in color that generally show fit to concrete floors and white walls.

House energy will get out of solar panels.

There is a particularly attractive wooden terrace that fits perfectly with the environment, while the whole house works well in the Californian desert sun.