Here’s What the Queen Gives Her Staff For Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and even the Queen of England is celebrating with her Christmas traditions. If you’ve ever wondered what the Queen’s staff get from Her Royal Highness on this jolly occasion, look no further. We are here to dish the dirt on the Queen’s gift-giving customs.

The Queen’s Christmas traditions
You probably already know some of the Queen’s Christmas traditions like her annual Christmas speech and her winter getaway to Sandringham, but her long-standing customs don’t end there. There are also gift-giving traditions that take place across all of the royal households every December. According to the royal family’s official website, every member of the Queen’s staff gets a Christmas gift.

The Queen’s gift of choice is a Christmas pudding. That’s right, folks. Everyone working for the royals gets the Queen’s pudding. Apparently, the tradition started by the Queen’s grandfather, George V, which distributes about 1,500 Christmas puddings to staff throughout the palaces. But no one gets left out! Even the staff working in the Court Post Office and Palace Police are extended the sweet treat. In addition to the pudding, employees are given greeting cards from the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. According to the site, the Queen and Prince Philip also send about 750 Christmas cards that usually feature a family photo to their friends, family, and politicians. Where does she get the pudding? The monarch used to order from the royal grocer, Fortnum & Mason, however, because of the large quantity she has switched to the more affordable Tesco’s Finest.

The Queen’s Christmas traditions

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