Here are four reasons why you should wait until after the age of 35

More than 35+ are born under 25

When I was born my first daughter at age 36, my doctor registered me as a “late mother at first birth”. After many sacrifices and pains, it seemed to me that I had 60 years in the body. I realized that he was the most delightful label he could have imagined doctors.

The largest group of births is still 25-34 age group with 59% of births, over 35 with 21% of births and under 25 for 20% of births. This year, women over 35 had 144,181 births compared to 1977, with only 31,515 births. This change has alerted the doctors of the Royal College because births at this age have more dangers and require greater care by medical personnel.

While there is nothing wrong with being a parent of a young age, we bring you four reasons why it is wonderful to be a “late mother”:

You can do many things before you become a mother. You can accumulate wealth, set the foundation of your career, travel the world, go and get drunk and worry that you have to wake up in the morning and many other things. Of course you can have children and at the same time develop your career but you will still have to compromise. You will have to create your family by the age of 28, when your children are 18, you will resume your career at age 46, but you will not have the most enthusiasm.


You can oppose the public employees you will be entitled from the time of conception to the last day of school. Doctors, sisters, teachers, whoever they are, they will try to tell you what to do. Thus, you will be more mature and more confident that you can counteract the various banalities.
It is true that new mothers quickly recover from pregnancy but birth and infant growth will exhaust you at any age. It’s better to accumulate power in the 1920s to be ready for the horrors that come after the thirties.
You can use your childhood growth experience. It does not mean that we are better parents than someone 10 years younger but while the baby grows there will be someone older and mature to show the way.
The ultimate advice will be not to hear people telling you that you are too old to be born or it is dangerous to wait until that age