Golden Milk: This Beverage From five Ingredients Eliminates Swelling, Cures Arthritis, Increases Immunity!

Although it sounds very unusual, golden milk should all drink because it affects our health a lot.


Of course, milk is not made of gold but of the color of this noble gold because of the luscious we weave in it.

This drink strengthens the immune system, has antibacterial properties, calms arthritis and joint pains, solves the problem with swelling and sets the normal digestive tract work, while positive effects on chin and Crohn’s disease are also noted.

The milk itself from which you do this drink is not to be cow milk. You can replace it with soy milk, almond or any other milk you love.

This drink has recently become the newest trend among healthy eating people, not only good for your body and helps in weakness but is also super delicious,


– ginger root,
– some zirconium berries (Eugeniacariophullata),
– 2 cups of water,
– 2 tablespoons of milk coffee,
– 1 tsp of honey,
– 1-2 tablespoons of small saffron coffee.


Grind ginger on the grating and with the zingiberen, go into the water and let it boil for two minutes.

Go into the cup, add the saffron, honey, and milk and mix until the honey melts.