Black Guy Gives Brilliant Clap Back To Racist White Woman Who Didn’t Believe He Was Flying First Class

Remember the Seattle woman who unfortunately experienced ‘banking while Black?

Well, it turns out flying while Black is also an issue, as DC-based music executive Emmit Walker learned just 2 days ago. Thankfully, when a passenger on the same flight as him made racist comments upon seeing him in the ‘priority boarding’ line, he fired back with an absolutely perfect response.

Walker’s story is a sad reminder of the casual instances of racism Black people still encounter during everyday situations, but is also a triumphant example of what happens when the owners of that racism are called out and made a fool of in public.

Scroll down to read everything that happened, and find out why Walker received actual applause from a crowd in the airport, as well as viral applause from the entire Internet.

Emmitt Walker is a black music executive who recently purchased a first class ticket to celebrate his 37th birthday in the Dominican Republic. As he was about to board his flight from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in DC, he was approached by a white woman who tried to cut in front of him. She thought that he was in the ‘wrong line’ because of his skin color.

 When Emmitt posted a picture of him in line with her, his Facebook post quickly went viral.

But soon after landing in the D.R. and seeing that his post went viral, he promptly apologized to that woman.

 Emmitt posted the conversation on his Facebook. ‘Her: excuse me I believe you may be in the wrong place you need to let us [through.] This line is for priority boarding.
Emmit Walker
 It all started when he got in line to board a flight, and a fellow passenger tried to cut in front of him                                                                                                                                                                          Me: priority meaning first class correct? Her: Yes…now excuse me they will call y’all after we board.
Emmit Walker

Emmitt then goes to show her his first class boarding pass to the racist woman and says ‘you can relax ma’am, I’m in the right spot, been here longer so you can board after me.


Emmit Walker

The woman then claims that Emmitt must have been in the ‘military or something’ but since she paid for her seats she should get to board first.

Emmit Walker

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