8 Photos to Test Your Intelligence

How smart are you? No really, how well do you think you could spot the difference between two pictures? Do you dare to test your intelligence with these mind games? Because they are not easy. You may end up frustrated, or maybe you’ll figure them out, and feel an immense sense of accomplishment.

Our brains are powerful things, but even they have their limitations. It won’t always be easy to tell what is different between these pictures. However, if you are able to spot the difference in under one minute on any of these photos, you may just be a highly intelligent person.

So give it a shot! Test your intelligence and see just how observant you are. Below are some of the most challenging spot the difference pictures out there. If you think you’ve got what it takes to find the tiny differences in each of these pictures, then go for it.

1. What’s the difference between these two gumball photos? This one will really test your intelligence. SPOILER: Bottom right corner, a white gumball has been darkened.

spot the difference

2 Alright, let’s make things more challenging. What is different between these two photos? Really pay attention and you might figure it out. SPOILER: the dangling yellow ribbon has been removed.

test your intelligence

3 This is a lovely image of a woman staring through a window. How long will you stare at this picture until you find the difference? SPOILER: the mouse hole near the bottom right corner.

what is different

4. This image of Disney characters will really test your intelligence. Can you spot the difference? When you do, it’ll be magical. SPOILER: In the left image, Mickey’s ear has a big hole in it.spot the difference

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By: www.providr.com