657 lb Woman Makes Drastic Transformation After Losing An Astonishing 400 lbs


Obesity is something that 26-year-old Amber Rachdi has always struggled with, but after reaching a weight of 657 pounds, she knew that she had to make a drastic change if she wanted to see her 30th birthday.

With her weight leaving her housebound and unemployed for years, Rachdi came to the realization that she wasn’t living, she was subsisting. She enlisted the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan to help her regain her health and lost an astonishing 400 pounds.

Now, Rachdi’s incredible transformation has given her a newfound sense of confidence and purpose. She has become a source of inspiration for many others struggling with their weight and hopes that her journey will help motivate others to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Amber Rachdi began suffering from obesity when she was just five years old. She claims that throughout her entire life, she’s always felt hungry and despite eating, would never feel the sensation of being full. “I could be stuffed sick but I would still want to eat something if it was put in front of me,” Rachdi admits.


Rachdi got to the point where she was putting her life in danger. She was living with her parents and boyfriend in Troutdale, Oregon who did nothing but enable her eating habits. However, she began to reach her wits end once she weighed in at almost 660 pounds.


Her independence began to quickly diminish along with her self-confidence. Rachdi couldn’t work, drive, or take care of herself. Even walking more than a few feet proved to be next to impossible for Amber. The only time she would leave the house was with her boyfriend to get more food where she would use a mobility scooter.


“I’m so humiliated,” Amber said about her weight. “I hate being in public. I feel like a sideshow.” However, her attempts to change the way she eats only resulted in failure, which led her to seek help from a medical professional.


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