24 Unusual Cars That Will Be Remembered Even by Those Who Don’t Understand Anything About Them

Unusual Cars have a funny way of branding themselves into our memories. Whether we see them in a parade line, or at a Wal-Mart parking lot, occasionally an unusual car will also make its way into your own neighborhood!

 A lot of people have many fun memories about unusual cars. They can be your first car when you drove off to college. That first car you had when you lost your… convictions. Or even the car your Aunt Tess used to drive you and your sister to the beach during the summer months. Every car has a fantastic story to tell. However, every so often there will be a car so magnificent, so interesting, so extraordinary, you can’t help but stop and want to snap a few photos.

You’ll remember them for all time, even if you don’t completely understand anything about them. The following 24  unusual cars, weird cars, strange cars, banana cars, and crazy cars will dazzle even mild car enthusiasts. Vroom Vroom! Here we goooooo!

1) Fresh Made Coffee Here: This is a traveling VW Bug Cafe! Are you kidding me? This little vehicle is absolutely adorable. A drop-down chalk menu displays the options available for morning coffee, including that all too trendy Nitro Cold Brew. They can make Americanos, Espressos, and offer pour-over drip coffee. This car is welcome to come park in our parking lot every morning if they want! How awesome would that be? I want a traveling cafe in my neighborhood! Just think of how awesome it would be to have a venue of some kind that isn’t anywhere near a coffee shop. No problem, just call up the mobile cafe.

2) A Swollen Porsche: This Porsche looks like it is having a severe allergic reaction! This is an art installation and a critique of the sleek designs that Porsche is usually known for, replaced with this rather engorged-looking monstrosity. Perhaps this may be a critique of the wealthy or the idea that such a vehicle is a gluttonous use of money. Who knows.

3) The Car That Children Designed: This truck / RV / whatever this is, is quite an unusual car that looks like it was designed by a child then magically brought to life. It’s hysterical to think of how beat up and shabby it looks. Would this vehicle even run? Is it capable of driving on the highway? Just look at those wheels! They look like they might fall off the axels at any second!

4) Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia: This van found in the united kingdom looks like it is a giant chia-pet! It’s covered in faux moss on virtually every surface imaginable. This would definitely be an unforgettable show-stopping vehicle to see just randomly parked somewhere outside. Our question is, how on earth do they wash this kind of vehicle? Wouldn’t all the mud get stuck in the grass? Who knows! Either way what a fun looking car!

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