11 Secrets The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Beautiful and healthy skin can’t be achieved without regular use of sunscreen.
Mamie McDonald, a cosmetics expert who worked with Madonna, says that any other efforts you make will be in vain if you neglect this rule. Another celebrity cosmetologist, Dr. Lancer, advises the use of cream with SPF no less than 30, reapplied during the day.

Looks aren’t everything in this world, but having healthy skin can help. With models and celebrities constantly posing in front of the camera, there are beauty secrets you don’t know.

I know that a healthy diet and constant exercise can help people age gracefully and even look younger than their current age, but there also have to be some other secrets. Not every model and celebrity has time to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program.

The good news is that there are effective and simple ways to care for your skin. Below are the top secrets the beauty industry is keeping from you.

Sunscreen: Everyone knows that a healthy dose of the sun can help with your complexion and skin care. But what the beauty industry doesn’t tell you is that sunscreen is necessary. Cosmetics expert Mamie McDonald states that trying to achieve a healthy complexion without sunscreen will not work. Another expert, Dr. Lancer, advises people to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

beauty secrets you don't know

Don’t Over Dry Your Skin: If your skin has inflammation, you do not want to use anti-spot creams. They contain benzoyl peroxide, which will dry the skin, aggravate it and inflame it even more. Instead, experts like Dr. Harold Lancer recommend using lactic or salicylic masks. This is one of the most hidden beauty secrets you don’t know.

beauty secrets you don't know

Always Remember Your Neck: If a woman’s concerned about how old she looks, she might want to take a look at her neck. The skin on the neck is extremely thin. This means women need to take care of it like they do their face.

beauty secrets you don't know

Use An Ice Cube On Your Skin: To avoid a dull complexion, Dr. Ava Shamban, a dermatologist out of Santa Monica, advises using an ice cube. Rubbing it for a few seconds will stimulate circulation and can even help your skin glow. I bet you this was number one of the beauty secrets you don’t know.

beauty secrets you don't know

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